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Our clients choose to work with us because we are experienced, flexible, honest and accessible.

Our business partners have been carefully selected from a large number of suppliers. Therefore, the offers we give have previously passed a strong filter, dismissing the worst alternatives and providing always the most interesting option in terms of quality, price and delivery time.

Continuous Market Research

We are constantly searching for new partners in order to enlarge our extensive network of buyers and suppliers and give you the best possible choice in terms of quality, price, delivery time, payment terms, etc.

Best Quality

We source, audit and select
the most interesting
suppliers, maintaining close contact with them and making sure that the products are complying with our buyer’s quality requirements and the European regulations.


Across the entire process, from sourcing to storage, packing, shipment and delivery, we are concerned with purchasing conditions and quality assurance. Professionalism, reliability, long-term relationships and strong sense of responsibility are our principles.

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About us

Calcerrada is specialized in the international brokerage of conventional and organic paprika, spices, herbs, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, seasonings and additives.

We operate worldwide, providing solutions and service to importers, processors, distributors and production industries, and covering every aspect of trading. Either full containers from origin or lower quantities from the European market, we are able to source the right quality at the right price and of course at the right time. Our service is personal and with a strict attention to detail in order to meet every aspect of your needs.

The buyers and suppliers we work with have been carefully selected and audited in order to guarantee a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.


We are specialized in the following ingredients:


If you have any enquiry or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to handle your request.

We are located in Murcia, the heart of paprika production in Europe and a Spanish region with recognised passion for spices, flavours and aromas.

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Calle San José, 26
30820 Alcantarilla
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We are expert in the paprika market. We are located in Murcia, one of the main paprika production zones in the world. This allows us to have a close and fluent contact with our suppliers, monitor the production processes and get a detailed vision of the market situation. We work with experienced producers which can adjust to the quality and properties required by the client. We can offer any type of paprika powder as well as paprika flakes, seeds, pods, oleoresin or chilli.


We offer from cassia to ginger, turmeric, clove, star anise, nutmeg or any kind of pepper. The suppliers we work with are certified and have been personally audited by us, always guaranteeing the highest quality standards in all the spices we provide.


We have a wide knowledge in the market of medicinal and aromatic herbs. We work with very strong partners in origin which can adapt to your size requirements and always offer the highest quality at a competitive price.


Aniseed, coriander, mustard, cumin, caraway, blue poppy... we can offer seeds from any part of the world, always meeting the highest levels of cleaning and quality.

Dehydrated Vegetables

We have agreements with very important producers of dehydrated vegetables, which allows us to offer a wide range of products with an excellent quality at very interesting prices. The number of fully-satisfied clients in products as garlic, onion, carrot or tomato is increasing every day.


We represent companies which are specialized in the production of seasonings, spice blends and marinades. We can offer tailor-made formulas with different applications, developed by highly-qualified professionals in order to provide an additional value to the final product.


We can help you with the supply of a great number of additives for food industry. The producers and distributors we work with have been cautiously selected from an immense number of suppliers, taking into account their price, production capacity, lead time or quality. This exhaustive market study allows us to provide the most interesting offers from this sector.


We work with important suppliers of fruits, vegetables, juices, concentrates, essential oils, oleoresins or coffee.